District Liaison Committee

DLC Chairperson and the committee members in all 19 Dzongkhags


Sl. Dzongkhag Company Contact. Class Remarks
1 Mr. Ugyen Dorji M/s Uee.Dee Const. 77119611 Medium DLC Chairperson
2 Rinchen Dorji M/s Banga Const. 17554799 Medium Member
3 Mr.Wangda M/s Norzang Const. 17120055 Medium Member
4 Mr. Dorji M/s Saram Const. 17120091 Medium Member
5 Mr. Tshering Tenzin M/s Tshering Namdruk Const. 17820035 Small Member
6 Mr. Karma Thinley M/s Choeing Const. 77223382 Small Member
7 Mr. Karma M/s Yerrang Const. 17114541/17114541 Small Member



1 Mr. Damchoe M/s Tshering Const. 17110199 Large DLC chairperson
2 Mr. Rinchen Khandu M/s Goodwill Const. 17604310 Medium Member
3 Mr.Kinley Penjor M/s Yangtam Const. 17779354   Member
4 Mr. Tshencho M/s Dawa Dendup Const. 17977100   Member
5 Mr.Namgay Dorji M/s Namgay Dorji Const. 17602865 Small Member
6 Mr. Penjor Dorji M/s Penjor Dorji Const. 17510750 Small Member
7 Mr. Tashi Dorji M/s Dawa Tshering Const. 77105760 Large Member



1 Mr. Krishna Bdr. Katwal M/s Divya Const. 17692036 Small DLC Chairperson
2 Mr. Kinzang Tobgay M/s Samphel Lhendup Const. 17683356 Small Member
3 Mr. Dagap Gyetshey M/s Dagap Gyetshey Const. 17693711 Small Member



1 Mr. Sangay M/s Sangay Const. 17117787   DLC Chairperson
2 Mr. Kipchu M/s Kipchu Const. 17111324 Medium Member
3 Mr. Tshewang Namgyel M/s Daysang Const. 17110772 Medium Member
4 Mr. Tshering M/s Gha Const. 77241785 Small Member
5 Mr. Thinley Tenzin M/s Lekey Const. 17111801 Small Member
6 Mr. Samba M/s Samba Const. 17119707 Small Member
7 Mr. Passang Wangmo M/s Jigme P Thinley Const. 17614186 Small Member



1 Mr. Karma Chophel M/s Jigme Dorji Const. 77116184 Medium DLC Chairperson
2 Mr.Karma Tenzin M/s K.T.P Const. 17610013 large Member
3 Mr.Karma Pelden M/s. K.D Construction 17113180 Medium Member
4 Ms.Karma Choki M/s. Samphel Dendup Const 17130850 Medium Member
5 Mr.Tsheringla M/s. Sangling Phuensum Const. 17688303 Small Member
6 Mr.Karma Chophel M/s. Tshering Peldar Const 17546828 Small Member
7 Mr. Sonam Gyeltshen M/s S.Gyeltshen Const. 77166666 Small Member



1 Mr. Dorji Leki M/s. Dorji Leki Const 17862553 Small DLC Chairperson
2 Mr. Pema Namgyal M/s. Sonam Yeshi Const 77117292 Medium Member
3 Mr. Sangay Wangchuk M/s. Lhayuel Lamten Const 17820995 Small Member
4 Mr. Penjor M/s. Jabab Construction 17661862 Small Member
5 Mr. Kezang Dawa M/s. Drame Khorlo Const 17650214 Small Member
6 Mr. Wangchukla M/s. Chethun Construction 17968070 Medium Member
7 Mr. Chophel M/s Yongphel Builders 17777999 Medium Member



1 Mr. Karma G. Wangchuk M/s K. Gangri Const. 17110673 Large DLC Chairperson
2 Mr. Ugyen Tshering M/s U.J.K Const. 17657777 Small Member
3 Mr. Gem Tshering M/s Damchu Choley Const. 17606765 Small Member
4 Mr.Chimi Dorji M/s K.F Const. 17622525 Small Member
5 Mr. Penden Dorji M/s Druk Penden Const. 17634567 Large Member
6 Mr. Dorji M/s Druk yousel Const. 17622122 Small Member
7 Mr. Tsengay M/s Gongphel Const. 17604861 Medium Member



1 Mr. Rinchen Daba M/s. R.D Constructio 17111105 Medium DLC Chairperson
2 Mr. Tshewang Norbu M/s. Hi-Tech Company Pvt Ltd 17118090 Large Member
3 Mr. Dawa Tenzin M/s Empire Const. Pvt. Ltd. 17111862 Large Member
3 Mr. Ugyen Thinley M/s. Tashi Delek Construction 17615152/77269933 Medium Member
4 Mr. Thinley Dorji M/s Issup Const. 17162360 Medium Member
4 Mr. Namgyel M/s. Kinga Wangdi Const 77291933 Small Member
5 Mr. Ugyen Samdrup M/s. Dzamlha Construction 17611004 Small Member



1 Mr. Sonam Bhutan Alliance Pvt. Ltd. 17602076/17111970 Large Chairperson
2 Mr. Dorji M/s Dorji Const. 17838440 Medium Member
3 Mr. Ugyen Tshewang M/s M/s Ugyen Const. 17130085 Medium Member
4 Mr. Sangay Dendup M/s M/s Sangay Dendup Const. 17690799 Small Member
5 Mr. Mr. Nima Dendup M/s NIMA DHENDUP Const. 17877780 Medium Member
6 Mr. Thama Gyeltshen M/s Namkha Kuenchap Const. 17626482 Small Member
7 Mr. Chophel M/s Chophel Const. 17691180 Small Member



1 Mr. Singye Dorji M/s S.K D Const. 17604985 Medium DLC Chairperson
2 Mr. S.K Pradhan M/s Kismat Const. 77256493 Small Member
3 Mr. Pratab Sharma M/s Lotus Builders 17648256 Small Member
4 Ms. Asmit Leptcha M/s Gyelden Const. 17278860 Small Member
5 Mr. Nima Dorji M/s Thruebob Const. 17885609 Small Member
6 Mr. Tashi Dorji M/s Tashi Phunsum Const. 17655032 Small Member



1 Mr. Kezang Norbu M/s Kuenchap Const. 17613346 Medium DLC Chairperson
2 Mr. Tshering Tobgay M/s Gangri Const. 17117187 Medium Member
3 Mr. Thinley Namgay M/s Nangsa Banza Const. 17113732 Small Member
4 Mr. Jigme Wangchuk M/s Tendrel Zangpo Const. 17130460 Medium Member
5 Tashi Norbu M/s Tron Rock Const. 17515809 Small Member



1 Mr. Dotila M/s Dotila Const. 17614547 Medium Member
2 Mr. Samdrup M/s Samdrup Pvt. Ltd. 17614370 Large member
3 Mr.Lobzang Dorji M/s Druk Phunsum Co. Pvt. LTD. 17115517 Large Member
4 Mr.Rai Bdr.Das M/s RP3 Const. 17611070 Medium Member
5 Mr. Rajan Pradhan M/s Alfa Beta Const. 17636520/17805389 Medium Member
6 Mrs.Dechen M/s Dechen L. Const. 17647738 Small Member
7 Mrs. Tshering Dema M/s Desang Const. 17662113 Small Member



1 Mr. Dorji M/s. Thimphu Construction 17707123 Small DLC Chairperson
2 Mr. Ugyen Wangchuk M/s. Dejung Const Pvt. Ltd 17115092 Large Member
3 Mr. Kota M/s. Rigsar Const Pvt.Ltd 17116565 Large Member
4 Mr. Karma M/s. C.T Const. 17647675 Medium Member
5 Mr. Tshewang Dorji M/s. Tshabam Const. 16490409 Medium Member
6 Mr. Jigme Dorji M/s. Saden Const. 17121270 Small Member
7 Mr. Dorji Gyeltshen M/s. Dorji Gyeltshen Const 17734533 Small Member



1 Mr. Dawala M/s. Dawa Zangpo Const. 17616973 Small DLC Chairperson
2 Mr. Karma Wangchuk M/s. Serbu Const. 17682386 Medium Member
3 Mr. Norbu M/s. Gongzap Const. 17733916 Medium Member
4 Mr. Pema Chonyen M/s. Tongbrag Const 17693031 Small Member
5 Mr. Yeshi Dorji M/s. Lhawang jaajain Const 17119833 Small Member
6 Mr. Tenzin Dorji M/s. Kharsa Const Pvt. Ltd 17115272 Large Member
7 Mr. Ugyen Tshenden M/s. ugyen Tshenden Const Pvt. Ltd 17813575/17130244 Large Member



1 Dawa Norbu M/s Yangyel Const. 17600352 Medium DLC chairperson
2 Mr. Nima Tshering M/s Yangdron Const. 17448888 Small Member
3 Mr. Tashi Rabgay M/s Blue Heaven Const. 17815181 Medium Member
4 Mr.Sonam Wangchen M/s S.W Const. 77109712 Medium Member
5 Mr.Phurbala M/s Lekzen Const. 17602928 Small Member
6 Mr. Tashi Pelden M/s Karsel Dawa Const. 17751133 Small Member
7 Mr. Tobgay M/s Tashi Rabgay Const. 17555582 Small Member



1 Mr. Tshering Dukpa M/s Karma Const. 17118437 Small DLC Chairperson
2 Mrs. Dema Dukpa M/s Kezang Choki Const. 17976836 Medium Member
3 Mr. Choba Dendup M/s Dunglagang Const. 17697587 Small Member
4 Mrs. Tshering Lham M/s Tshering L. Const. 17895726 Small Member
5 Mr. Tika Ram Tamang M/s Ngarba Const. 17460200 Small Member



1 Mr. Nala M/s Nala Const. 77686732 Small DLC Chairperson
2 Mr. Sonam Tobgay M/s Tshering Tobgyal Const. 17111759 Large Member
3 Mrs Tshering Pem M/s Tshering Karma Const. 17618081 Medium Member
4 Mr. Passang Dorji M/s Sangzam Const. 17649322 Small member
5 Mr. Ugyen Dorji M/s PSD Const. 17618080 Small Member



1 Mr. Dechen Wangdi M/s Sonam Rinzin Const. 17628436/17614178 Medium DLC Chairperson
2 Mr. Rinzin Jamtsho M/s Tshewang Const. 17680934/17344430 Medium Member
3 Mr. Pema Tshering M/s Kezang Norbu Const. 17895558 Medium Member
4 Mr. Tobgay M/s Druk Yarkay Dema Const. 17837433 Small Member
5 Mr. Kinga Dorji M/s Phuntsho Gongphel Const.   Small Member
6 Mr. Tashi M/s Lhanam Phuntsho Yanghil Const.   Small Member

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